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Our History
Qingdao XINSHUNSHUO Machinery CO., LTD was established in 2009. We are a global modern enterprise, which involves in textile machinery export and manufacture,. We have many years of experience in supplying high quality professional water jet loom, Tarpaulin weaving machine, Fabric weaving machine, Shading net work loom machine and Flat weaving loom machine.
Our Factory
Qingdao XINSHUNSHUO Machinery CO., LTD is located in Qingdao which is a major seaport city of eastern China, factory area is 6000 square meter, we are specialized in Integrates development and manufacturing in-house, with advanced CNC processing equipment and professional machinery production technology.
Our Product
Our main products as following:
1.Water jet loom
2.Tarpaulin weaving machine
3.Fabric weaving machine
4.Water jet knitting machine
5.Shading net work loom machine
6.Flat weaving loom machine
7.Master component parts of above machines etc
We supply machines all over the globe, and always receive good feedback from customers.
Product Application
Our machines are used for making tarpaulin, tarps, PP/PE bag, net bag, Grid cloth, Shading net work, also used in automobile transportation and open-air warehouse cover, as well as in the field to put up tents, paper machine tarpaulins etc.
Our Certificate
Out products could meet the high quality requirement in ISO9001 certification
Production Equipment
We have many kinds of manufacturing machine, include turning machine锛宮illing machine , grinding machine, machine tool, machining center, automatic welding equipment , high precision grinding machine etc.
Production Market
Our products were already exported to Pakistan, Vietnam, Nigeria, India, Korea and other Western countries, as well as many domestic customers. We are the only mechanical supplier of a tarpaulins factory in Qingdao, always provide good quality component parts replacement and excellent after-sales service.
Our Service
Our team can always offer high quality machine and good service, we promises: reasonable prices, short production time and satisfactory after-sales service.
Buyers are welcome to contact us, sincerely look forward to establish Long-term and stable cooperation cooperating with you for mutual development, mutual benefits.low price Water Jet Loom Textile Machinery

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